Campbell Environmental Oil was set up in 2005 and trades under the product name of R-Oil . In the past we have sold our oil seed rape for industrial extraction, where it has been crushed and cooked up with various solvents to yield cheap cooking oil. Last year, we decided that properly and naturally pressed, our oil seed rape could produce a really high quality product for culinary purposes.

We spent last year identifying the right market for a new cooking oil and finding the proper kit to make it. We took samples of our pure cold-pressed oil to pubs and restaurants and asked chefs to taste the oil. Many acknowledged that ours was a much better product than they were already using and we were able to match the price.

R-Oil was established. We began selling it in 20 litre barrels and 5 litre cans to the catering trade and in 500ml and 1litre glass bottles to retail outlets.

Throughout our period of setting up, we have placed enormous emphasis on the environment and we are very conscious that waste must be kept to a minimum. For this reason, we run a service whereby we collect our waste oil from the catering trade and turn it into bio-diesel to run our vehicles. We also use the oil by-product as animal feed which means that absolutely none of the original crop is wasted.

Farming is changing and the role of farmers along with it. We can now farm sustainably. R-Oil is good for the environment and good for you. We hope you will enjoy the oil as much as we enjoy making it.

Robert and Hamish Campbell
Stow on the Wold